A Strategic Partner for Our Clients

Solomon Page Specialty Finance takes pride in building longstanding relationships that allow us to become our clients’ strategic search and business partners. We’re committed to serving both their immediate needs as well as their projected goals, fully integrating the client’s philosophy and vision into our recruiting methodologies.

Candidates of the Highest Caliber

With access to our global network of superior talent, we’re able to seek out the high-level candidates sought by both buy-side and sell-side clients. Our strong relationships with key players in the finance world, built over many years in conjunction with our extensive research capabilities, are a keystone to our success and allow us to identify an elite roster of candidates across a host of disciplines. 

Succeeding in an Ever-Evolving Industry

With our deep market intelligence, we’re always aware of changing financial regulations in a fluctuating industry. Our clients value our ability to find talent that can set up infrastructure to comply with new requirements. They also trust us to play a valuable consulting role as we share game-changing market intel.