The Solomon Page Difference

Several differentiators afford us the ability to identify exceptional talent that our competitors would not source. Chief among these are our relationship-driven approach, extraordinary research expertise, deep market awareness, extensive professional network, and high level of personal commitment and trust.

A Search Process Tailored to Your Needs

Our team has a core protocol with which we conduct our searches, yet we also modify and customize this method with our client’s specific needs in mind. Our fundamental three-step process includes:


At the beginning of a search mandate, we work closely with the client to gather detailed information and develop a comprehensive search plan. We start with an in-depth understanding of the client’s vision, culture, and goals, tailoring our searches to align with our clients’ practices.


Drawing from our deep network of relationships across the financial services sector, we seek out and identify candidates with the experience, skills, character, and cultural fit uniquely suited to the job at hand. Conversations with potential candidates, conducted with discretion, allow us to gather intelligence and narrow a list of qualified talent.


After presenting a final slate of candidates—submitting resumes or CVs to the client along with detailed narratives on each person—we assist in the interview and final selection process. During this very sensitive stage, we work closely with both client and candidate to achieve a positive result. We then continue to work with both parties to ensure a smooth, successful transition.