A Comprehensive Recruitment Process


Our highly professional, client-driven executive search process is comprised of three main steps: Discovery, Search, and Closure. Typically, we deliver full slates of candidates within three to six weeks and have measurable results substantially sooner.


At this initial stage we work closely with the client to gather detailed information, meet stakeholders, and develop a search plan and position description including candidate specifications. Understanding the client and the company’s culture is key as we seek out candidates with just the right experience, education, cultural fit, and technical skills for the job at hand.


Using our extensive, proprietary database of contacts and prospects as a starting point, we develop a list of potential candidates. We then carefully evaluate candidates, narrowing the group and submitting resumes or CVs to the client along with detailed narratives on each person. Based on client feedback, we arrange interviews between the client and the best candidates that we have thoroughly vetted with face to face interviews, background checks and detailed references.


We assist in the final selection process and help to formulate, present, and negotiate the terms of the offer to the chosen candidate. During this very sensitive stage, we work closely with both client and candidate to achieve a final positive result. After the candidate has accepted, we continue to work with both parties and follow up to ensure a smooth, successful transition into the new position and throughout their tenure.