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Never Give Up? That Could Be a Mistake

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Persistence is often the key to success–unless you’re chasing the wrong idea. A recent study examines how blind persistence can cloud your judgment. 

What’s the single most important characteristic to an entrepreneur? Thomas Edison, as die-hard a businessman as any, said that genius was one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.  You could probably extend that statement to starting a business.

Persistence is a key to success. Give up at the first (or second or third… or hundredth) try and you’ll never get anywhere. But a recent study from Oregon State University suggests that the drive for persistence can cloud the judgment of entrepreneurs and short-circuit another important facility: pragmatism.

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Why A Woman’s Network? Why Now?

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By Sallie Krawcheck | Posted May 15, 2013

I am investing in 85 Broads, the 30,000-strong professional women’s network founded by the well-before-her-time Janet Hanson.

Illustration: Zack Blanton/Vetta/Getty Images

For most of my career, I tried to avoid the topic of being a woman in business, vaguely concerned that talking too much about it would hold me back in some way. My standard response: “Oh gosh, I never really think about being a woman in business. I’m just focused on getting the job done.”

But I’ve been thinking about it over the past year…..a lot.

And it’s not just because of the fairness issue, important though that is. It’s because the research and business case for the economic advancement of women is so compelling, in a world deeply in need of greater economic prosperity.

This holds at the country level, where the increased participation of women moderates the political process and paves the way for a healthier economy. And it is true at the business level, where companies with greater diversity in senior management have higher returns, lower volatility, more innovation, greater customer focus, better stockholder returns and lower gender pay disparity.

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Nine Strategies Successful People Use to Overcome Stress

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By Heidi Grant Halvorson | Posted January 16, 2013

Feeling stressed? Of course you are. You have too much on your plate, deadlines are looming, and people are counting on you. You are under a lot of pressure—so much that at times, you suspect the quality of your work suffers for it. This is life in the modern workplace. The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is not whether or not you suffer from stress, but how you deal with it when you do.

In the spirit of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently, here are nine scientifically-proven strategies for defeating stress whenever it strikes.

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7 Tips From Entrepreneurs On How To Have A Fearless Career

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Kenny Holston/US Air Force

Written by Colleen Oakley, LearnVest | May 18, 2013

Everyone has a fear: heights, spiders, the ground opening up and swallowing you whole. (OK, maybe that’s just me.)

But fears at work can be particularly debilitating. What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if the ground opens up and swallows my cubicle whole?

Letting fear get the best of you at your job can keep you from getting the recognition that you deserve—whether it hinders you from nabbing a promotion or stops you from applying for more challenging positions.

So what’s a timid (yet ambitious) person to do? We talked to successful CEOs, entrepreneurs and other go-getter titans at the top to hear about the take charge moves that got them ahead in their careers.

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How Long Should Your Resume Be?

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By Careers Plus Resumes

Myths vs. Fact: There are many myths floating around on the internet and throughout the job marketplace regarding the correct length of a resume and how far back a resume should go.

These are all good questions and subjects to cover since there are many different approaches you must take depending on your particular background and target industry.

The truth is, there are no standard rules that should be applied to the length of a resume. However, keeping the content concise and straight to the point may be a key element in the effectiveness of the document, depending on your line of work.

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Six Secrets of a Working Mother, And How They Apply in Business

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Author: Alan Hall | Published: 5/10/2013

Over the course of my 40 year entrepreneurial career, I’ve hired thousands of employees. Some good, some excellent, some were a disappointment. I have had the pleasure of mentoring, and learning from an amazing group of employees: working mothers. These tenacious women not only attack their careers with gusto, but then head home and dedicate their time to raise a future generation of successful individuals. Kudos to them!

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8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do

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Author: Jeff Haden | Posted: November 7, 2012


I’m fortunate to know a number of remarkably successful people. I’ve described how these people share a set of specific perspectives and beliefs.

They also share a number of habits:

1. They don’t create back-up plans.

Back-up plans can help you sleep easier at night. Back-up plans can also create an easy out when times get tough.

You’ll work a lot harder and a lot longer if your primary plan simply has to work because there is no other option. Total commitment–without a safety net–will spur you to work harder than you ever imagined possible.

If somehow the worst does happen (and the “worst” is never as bad as you think) trust that you will find a way to rebound. As long as you keep working hard and keep learning from your mistakes, you always will.

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