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Big Or Little: What Kind Of Career Do You Want?

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Do you want a big or little career? It’s time to decide.

A big career is bold, exciting and rewarding. It has tumultuous moments, yes, but along with the precarious days and months come many others that exceed your most wildly optimistic dreams.

A little career is safe, undemanding and predictable. You will sleep well at night, knowing that tomorrow will be almost exactly the same as yesterday and 1,000 yesterdays before.

When I ask the question like this – big or little? – many people are tempted to answer: big. In our culture, big is better.

But in reality, most people go to work each day and act as though they prefer: little.

Of course, you may not think of your career aspirations as: little. But when faced with a choice between leading a high visibility charge or playing it safe by putting your head down and doing your job, you may put your head down.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Workload From Crushing You

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Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded at work? Here’s how to take back your time.

So much for 9 to 5. The average full-time salaried employee is now putting in nearly 10 hours a day, according to a recent Gallup poll (up slightly from a weekly average of 47 hours in 2007). Even grimmer: 25% say they’re regularly working a 60-hour week.

Feeling overwhelmed and overloaded? There are some simple tactics that will help you keep your workday in check.

Get your priorities straight. “Do the most important or most difficult task first,” says Mitzi Weinman of professional development firm TimeFinder. Starting with the quick, easy jobs is tempting, but delaying the thornier tasks just increases the odds that you’ll need to stay late to finish.

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5 Ways Smart Leaders Brilliantly Motivate

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Countless studies exist on what motivates performance or behavior. Some social scientists have made this topic their life’s work, and business experts claim motivation is the game changer of any successful enterprise.

I agree. Smart leaders know their way around motivation, and leverage this powerful skill to catapult their people to their highest potential. While they’re putting wind in their employees’ sails to get them unstuck or forge them forward, they’re also earning trust, loyalty and commitment.

The more we’re motivated, the more we will do and endure in the pursuit of our goals – or even our leader’s goals. These days, in our highly turbulent world of work, this could not be more critical. And isn’t just about having your employees ready to jump the hurdles and follow you through the fire. Leaders who know how to tap the sweet spots of the team receive an intrinsic reward. They gain the satisfaction of seeing their people happy and fulfilled. With truly motivating leadership, the individual, team, leader and organization all win.

So, what are some top ways smart leaders motivate brilliantly?

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Would You Hire You? 10 Ways To Add Value To Your Position At Work.

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Whether you receive a paycheck signed by someone else, run a company with scores of employees or work for a small organization, there is a value placed on your position. By going the extra mile, being the best you can be and contributing to a positive environment you add value. On the other hand, intentional or not, are you bringing a negative attitude to work, passing the buck a bit too often and doing the minimum to get by? If so, your value as an employee will be significantly lower. There is a relationship between your value at work and the probability of getting a raise, a promotion, extra perks and bonuses on the job. With all of the benefits associated with higher value, why anyone would choose to lower their value at work is beyond me. Simply put, it is your choice. You are directly responsible for your value, the exchange rate and your happiness at work.

Have the courage to give an honest answer: Would you hire you?

Ask yourself this question and have the courage to give an honest answer: Would you hire you? If words like passionate, excited, motivated and inspired describe you, you probably will get the gig. If, however, you are struggling to find the right words that fit or more importantly, if you are saying to yourself, “I would be positive, passionate, motivated and inspired by my work, but…(fill in the blank),” chances are good you wouldn’t get a call back or a second interview for the position. Excuses will not help boost your value, only action will.

Here are 10 questions that will help determine your value at work:

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4 Reasons Successful Entrepreneurs Need Executive Assistants

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As an entrepreneur, you put a great deal of thought in surrounding yourself with talented and dynamic people who add to the success of your business endeavors. The abilities and contributions of your team often determine the overall outcome of your project.  Yet there is one position often overlooked by the most ambitious and successful entrepreneurs. No, it isn’t your VP or manager. It is your executive assistant.

I’m not referring to someone who spends the day merely opening mail, pouring coffee, and answering the phone. I am talking about an individual who, if well placed, can enhance your productivity and brand ten-fold by compensating for weaknesses, enhancing professionalism, expanding productivity, and increasing the organization of your company.

While some entrepreneurs utilize current software or mobile devices to help with their administrative tasks, nothing compares to the benefits of a skilled executive assistant.  Here are 4 reasons why hiring an executive assistant is a great idea.

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9 Terrible Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a “not-to-do list.” CEOs and productivity experts recommend the idea highly as a huge productivity booster that will help you free up time and head space for all the things that really matter.

Sounds great. But what should go on it? Best-selling author Tim Ferriss has some ideas. In a recent short podcast he offered nine suggestions of bad work habits that many entrepreneurs and others desperately need to eliminate (chances are you are doing at least a couple of these–I’m personally massively guilty of two and five), so there is almost certainly something here that can boost your output.

“Don’t overwhelm yourself,” Ferriss says. Just tackle one or two at a time, eliminating counterproductive habits step by step, and eventually you’ll reclaim impressive amounts of time and energy.

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The Cost of Conflict

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“Every conflict we face in life is rich with positive and negative potential. It can be a source of inspiration, enlightenment, learning, transformation, and growth – or rage, fear, shame, entrapment, and resistance. The choice is not up to our opponents, but to us, and our willingness to face and work through them.” -Kenneth Cope and Joan Goldsmith

Conflict Happens! Disagreements occur when people have opinions, views and beliefs that clash. The world is filled with people who have differences of wants, needs and expectations. These differences may cause interpersonal conflict.The good news is, conflict doesn’t need to result in damaged personal or professional relationships.

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Do You Have These 4 Soft-People Skills?

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Have you worked with or for a person with a strong leader-type personality? They’re adept in driving for results and measuring performance. They have no issue delivering hard feedback or making tough decisions. At times however, their sharp edge becomes a limitation. They haven’t spent much time developing their soft people skills and it’s making them less effective in their role. Maybe this even describes you.

In a workshop I was conducting on personality types an example was shared about a boss that everyone in the room had worked for. The general dislike of this individual was still evident as everyone had at least one example of how this person was overbearing and difficult to work for. He was eventually asked to leave the company but only after he left a trail of carnage in his wake. His memory lives on.

If you have a strong leader-type personality, you absolutely must get a handle on developing your soft-people skills. There are 4 Skills in particular that may not come naturally but you can learn.

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3 Way-Better Ways to Measure Your Success

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Last week, I conducted a workshop for a team of healthcare professionals as they kicked off a new fiscal year. Prior to the workshop, I had the attendees complete a survey about their work: what was going well and where they encountered challenges.

Not surprisingly, a few very common themes emerged, which we addressed during our time together. The big three included the size of their workloads, the poor quality of communication, and the difficulty of working with others unlike themselves.

Who can’t relate to those workplace challenges?

As we worked through each topic, the discussion certainly provided tools to help them resolve the issues we identified.

However, I also realized that if they took proactive steps every day to prevent those issues, they could alleviate a lot of their daily job stress. Bonus: Future meetings could focus on exploring more innovative and creative concepts.

To that end, here are three measures you can use in your work each day to stay ahead of the challenges that bog down many teams. As you read, consider how, if you looked at these three key performance indicators each day, your work life might transform.

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7 Habits of Highly Likeable People

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Everyone wants to be well-liked; it’s in our nature as people. But it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes us more likeable. Is it a magic charisma that attracts people to us? Or maybe being outgoing and friendly? Or having an agreeable personality that doesn’t put people off?

Though there are plenty of theories floating around about what makes someone well-liked, here are seven things that well-liked people always do—and that you can do today to make yourself a more likeable and magnetic person.

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