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Would You Hire You? 10 Ways To Add Value To Your Position At Work.

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Whether you receive a paycheck signed by someone else, run a company with scores of employees or work for a small organization, there is a value placed on your position. By going the extra mile, being the best you can be and contributing to a positive environment you add value. On the other hand, intentional or not, are you bringing a negative attitude to work, passing the buck a bit too often and doing the minimum to get by? If so, your value as an employee will be significantly lower. There is a relationship between your value at work and the probability of getting a raise, a promotion, extra perks and bonuses on the job. With all of the benefits associated with higher value, why anyone would choose to lower their value at work is beyond me. Simply put, it is your choice. You are directly responsible for your value, the exchange rate and your happiness at work.

Have the courage to give an honest answer: Would you hire you?

Ask yourself this question and have the courage to give an honest answer: Would you hire you? If words like passionate, excited, motivated and inspired describe you, you probably will get the gig. If, however, you are struggling to find the right words that fit or more importantly, if you are saying to yourself, “I would be positive, passionate, motivated and inspired by my work, but…(fill in the blank),” chances are good you wouldn’t get a call back or a second interview for the position. Excuses will not help boost your value, only action will.

Here are 10 questions that will help determine your value at work:

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The Big Flip is Coming – More Men Staying Home

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As American society and our economy continue to evolve, some clear trends are starting to emerge. Sometimes societal changes remain muted because they cause discomfort as old, powerful norms shift.

One of these shifts is the increasing number of men who stay at home with kids while moms bring home the bacon. Filmmaker Izzy Chan is producing an important documentary on this topic. Ben Mangan agreed to serve as an adviser to the project because he thinks it’s critical we start discussing what this means for Americans – from the way it redefines family to the way it ought to shape good public and employer policies relating to parenthood.

The first thing you should know about the big flip — it’s big. 40% of American working wives now already out-earn their husbands (Pew Research 2012). In 40% of American families (with kids under 18), mom is the breadwinner (Pew Research 2013). In fact, the Boston Consulting Group has gone so far as to predict that in 15 years, women will not just close the income gap with men — but out-earn them.

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