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Q2 2017 Thought Leadership – What Makes a Good Marketer and Why You Need One

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An Exclusive Interview with Hedge Fund Executives

Written by: Alexis DuFresne, Managing Director, Marketing & Investor Relations Search
Solomon Page, Financial Services Division

My professional career has been dedicated to the success of marketing and investor relations functions within asset management. I spent a great deal of time and passion educating managers on the roles of marketing and investor relations, as well as creating a case for successful hires. During the course of my conversations with prospective clients, the most frequent question I receive is, “Why should I invest in marketing hires?”

To get to the root of this question, I asked three industry leaders to provide commentary from their prospective: a hedge fund manager, an allocator, and an asset management COO/marketer.

  • Michael Vranos, CEO and Founder of Ellington Management Group, a $6.5bln AUM hedge fund, spoke to me about how he thinks about his marketing team and their responsibilities. Having been in the game for over 20 years, and a widely regarded industry legend, he has seen the evolution and importance of marketing.
  • Chris Cutler, Senior Hedge Fund Due Diligence Analyst and Founder of Manager Analysis Services, spends a significant amount of his time speaking with marketers who solicit his allocation. His feedback on what resonates with him when he meets marketers is truly valuable.
  • Alex de Calice, Founding Partner, COO, and Head of Marketing at Nara Capital, added his view on the challenges marketers face on the front lines. He is a top marketing professional and management executive who has built and managed marketing teams.

The major takeaways were clear; marketing is an essential part of an asset management organization, and the role is constantly evolving. All commentators agreed that it has become increasingly harder to attract assets, and therefore the bar for marketers has been raised.

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10 Top Trends Driving The Future Of Marketing

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Marketers are constantly looking into the future, trying to predict the next big trend, be it for their brands or their clients. Naturally, marketers are preoccupied with questions like: What is the next big campaign? How can we turn our client into the “next big thing”? What is the next hot trend going to be in retail? Etc.  Everyone wants to the answers. Knowing this, what do some of the top minds in marketing predict for their own futures? A recent article by Jeff Beer on Fast Company Create collected 25 future trends that will change the marketing landscape five years from now based on top innovators in marketing and advertising. After reading this, I started to ponder what I saw as the top trends driving marketing.

Here are the 10 trends that I think are going to have the biggest impact on the future of marketing.

1. Mobile is going to become the center of marketing. From cell phones to smartphones, tablets to wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing the marketing world. As the focus is shifting to smaller screens, brands will be able to strike up a more personalized relationship with their customers by leveraging the power of mobile.

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V12 Group Identifies Top 5 Trends Driving Marketing Efforts in 2015

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Predictions for the New Year always carry lofty expectations, but despite what we were led to believe by Back to the Future Part II, 2015 does not hold the promise of a hover board for every child, flying cars, nor self-drying clothing. It does, however, promise the next era in marketing, one where the on and off switches of business and commerce have merely been replaced by highs and lows.

The rise of the ever-connected consumer will make “always-on marketing” the predominant trend of 2015. It’s more critical than ever that companies of all sizes have the ability to acquire and retain today’s digitally savvy customers at all times and on all channels. As more platforms become available, automation will become a fundamental marketing pillar for SMBs looking to compete. Using automation, triggers, and scheduling tools, companies can drive meaningful experiences and ultimately achieve always-on marketing delivered across all channels in real time. Consumers are never shutting down, and businesses are up for the challenge.

While this is just the beginning of what businesses need to know about marketing technology in 2015, here are five trends that we expect to dominate the marketing space in the next 12 months.

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