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5 Ways to Lead in Challenging Times

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What do leaders do when their stock price has dropped 75 percent and it’s their job to get it back up? What should leaders think when the thrilling vision they had for the future has been clouded by economic uncertainty? How do leaders get inspired when their employees are dejected, worried, and distracted–and let’s face it, on some level so are they?

Wait–don’t answer that. You can’t.

Because no matter how much you know about leadership, regardless of what the research says or what best practice implies, there’s only one way to find the right answers to these questions. Leaders need to find them for themselves.

In a time of unprecedented challenge, leaders don’t just need to lead their companies. They also need to lead themselves. They need strategies for improving their effectiveness while sustaining a sense of professional well-being. Every one of us has an internal source of strength and stability. Without care and consideration these renewable resources are seriously at risk.

In order to survive and thrive, leaders can’t just go about business as usual. Business isn’t “usual” anymore. It’s undergoing a seismic shift. Leaders need to get their footing in a shaky reality and learn to embrace the possibilities ahead.

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5 Ways Smart Leaders Brilliantly Motivate

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Countless studies exist on what motivates performance or behavior. Some social scientists have made this topic their life’s work, and business experts claim motivation is the game changer of any successful enterprise.

I agree. Smart leaders know their way around motivation, and leverage this powerful skill to catapult their people to their highest potential. While they’re putting wind in their employees’ sails to get them unstuck or forge them forward, they’re also earning trust, loyalty and commitment.

The more we’re motivated, the more we will do and endure in the pursuit of our goals – or even our leader’s goals. These days, in our highly turbulent world of work, this could not be more critical. And isn’t just about having your employees ready to jump the hurdles and follow you through the fire. Leaders who know how to tap the sweet spots of the team receive an intrinsic reward. They gain the satisfaction of seeing their people happy and fulfilled. With truly motivating leadership, the individual, team, leader and organization all win.

So, what are some top ways smart leaders motivate brilliantly?

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7 Things Exceptional Leaders Know

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1.Exceptional Leaders know that leadership is influence.

When you boil down everything a leader can do to succeed with a team, you end up with one word:influence. Exceptional leaders influence decisions, enthusiasm, actions, possibilities, confidence, beliefs, direction, and culture. Influence is what an exceptional leader does, and it shows up in myriad ways. The tactics can and will change; the definition will not.

2. Exceptional leaders know that leadership is not a talent.

Leadership is a skill and a craft. It can be learned only through a unique combination of study and experience. When people describe a “talented” leader or a “born leader”, they’re either mislabeling the leader’s hard work or they’re describing the leader’s charisma. Of course, charisma and leadership are mistaken for each other very often, but they’re not at all the same. Charisma is to leadership what a fresh paint job would be to a car. It can make for a more appealing presentation, but the actual performance will come from some deeper and more powerful place.

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To Be a Better Leader, Become a Better Listener

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Here’s how to improve your listening skills for more effective conversations with employees and customers.

Why hire talented people and not fully utilize them?

When you start a business, you don’t need to know how to do absolutely everything. For example, if you are opening an event planning company, you don’t freak out because you don’t know graphic design. You just need to know what looks good and then hire a talented specialist to design all of your invitations. Your role as the boss is to oversee a bunch of specialists who are the best in their niche.

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Traits of a Motivated Leader

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If there is one trait that virtually all effective leaders have, it is motivation – a variety of self-management whereby we mobilize our positive emotions to drive us toward our goals. Motivated leaders are driven to achieve beyond expectations – their own and everyone else’s. The key word here is achieve.

Plenty of people are motivated by external factors, such as a big salary or the status that comes from having an impressive title or being part of a prestigious company. By contrast, those with leadership potential are motivated by a deeply embedded desire to achieve for the sake of achievement.

If you are looking for leaders, how can you identify people who are motivated by the drive to achieve rather than by external rewards?

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Five Things Every Leader Should Do

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I was recently asked what I saw as major focus areas for leaders. There are many things a leader needs to balance, but here are a few key things that they should always keep front of mind.

Create Focus: A leader should strive to paint an inspiring vision. Most people don’t want to run from something, but rather they seek to run to something. As individuals, we want to be a part of something greater than ourselves. A leader should paint this inspiring vision, and then articulate the priorities to help people know how to make progress against that vision.

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The Secret to Personal Power

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There is such a thing as personal power, but most people haven’t encountered it even remotely. That’s because their notion of personal power aims at the wrong goal. They define a powerful person as someone with money and status who can exert his will over others. Such a person is imagined to be strong, smart, lucky, and more than a little ruthless. Examples crop up from Washington to Wall Street, any area of life where competition is fierce and the spoils go to the victors.

But the real secret to personal power lies elsewhere. The difference is that one kind of power, the kind I’ve just sketched, comes from what you do while the other comes from who you are. Before writing this post, I reviewed in my mind the qualities I’ve observed in the most powerful people I’ve met over the past thirty years, and it was astonishing how many qualities come directly from being rather than doing.

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