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15 Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

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Success doesn’t crop up overnight. All self-made millionaires had to start somewhere.

Much of their transformation from ordinary to seven-figure status can be attributed to “rich habits,” a term coined by Thomas C. Corley, who spent five years researching the daily habits of 177 self-made millionaires.

“From my research, I discovered that daily habits dictate how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life,” he writes in his 2016 book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.”

“There is a cause and effect associated with habits. Habits are the cause of wealth, poverty, happiness, sadness, stress, good relationships, bad relationships, good health, or bad health.”

The good news is all habits can be changed, Corley notes. Here are some “rich habits” of self-made millionaires that you can start developing today:

They read consistently.
The rich would rather be educated than entertained. As Corley writes, “Eighty-eight percent of the rich devote thirty minutes or more each day to self-education or self-improvement reading … Most did not read for entertainment … The rich read to acquire or maintain knowledge.”

Corley found that they tend to read three types of books: biographies of successful people, self-help or personal development, and history.

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What Type of Job Hopper Are You?

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I confess: I’m a job-hopper. Just a glance at my resume gives it away… one year each at my first two jobs, five years at my third job, 20 months at my fourth job, one year at my fifth job, three-and-a-half years at my sixth job… I could go on, but you get the picture. I am on my ninth job in 15 years.

That’s one reason a recent story by Bryan Borzykowski for BBC Capital (that’s the site I edit now, in job number nine) really caught my eye. It asked: Are you job hopping to nowhere? I was afraid to find out the answer.

Job-hopping, that is, moving from company to company every two years or so, is becoming more common. And with that commonality, some of the stigma associated with not staying one place very long is also fading–sometimes. And that’s the key. I have found that the circumstances around moving from job to job matter far more than longevity at a prior employer.

So, what kind of job-hopper are you?

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30 CEOs Reveal the Daily Habits Responsible for Their Success

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Look at any CEO running a profitable company and you’ll find someone who has figured a few things out. One trait many of these leaders have in common: consistency. Check out these quotes from 30 successful CEOs regarding the daily habits that help them get ahead in business and life.

1. Try one new thing each day.
“Every day, I force myself to do something that is out of my comfort zone. If I hadn’t left my comfort zone back in 2008 to buy that one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, I never would have met my business partner, Aaron Firestein, and BucketFeet would never exist.”

–Raaja Nemani, co-founder and CEO of BucketFeet, a footwear brand that was founded in 2011 after a chance meeting between two travelers. It has grown from one hand-decorated pair of shoes to a brand that has collaborated with over 20,000 artists in more than 100 countries.

2. Don’t do bad days.

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17 Things Really Successful People Never Stop Doing (Ever)

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Think of the most successful person you know. Maybe we’re talking about a work colleague or a mentor. Maybe this is someone you knew growing up or in school–and you can’t believe how much he or she has achieved since then.

I have no idea what this person looks like or what kind of business he or she is in or whether he or she defines success by a balance sheet or a full and fulfilling life. But I’ll bet I can tell you a lot about this person, because I can identify his or her good habits. There are simply a number of things that almost all really successful people do every day, and that others simply quit when they get too hard or inconvenient.

Let me know how close I am to the mark here. (Seriously, let me know.) I’ll bet that the highly successful person you’re thinking of is always…

1. …Laughing
There are times to be serious–many times, in fact. But successful people understand there is humor to be found in nearly any situation. As H.G. Wells put it, “The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.”

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5 Ways to Lead in Challenging Times

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What do leaders do when their stock price has dropped 75 percent and it’s their job to get it back up? What should leaders think when the thrilling vision they had for the future has been clouded by economic uncertainty? How do leaders get inspired when their employees are dejected, worried, and distracted–and let’s face it, on some level so are they?

Wait–don’t answer that. You can’t.

Because no matter how much you know about leadership, regardless of what the research says or what best practice implies, there’s only one way to find the right answers to these questions. Leaders need to find them for themselves.

In a time of unprecedented challenge, leaders don’t just need to lead their companies. They also need to lead themselves. They need strategies for improving their effectiveness while sustaining a sense of professional well-being. Every one of us has an internal source of strength and stability. Without care and consideration these renewable resources are seriously at risk.

In order to survive and thrive, leaders can’t just go about business as usual. Business isn’t “usual” anymore. It’s undergoing a seismic shift. Leaders need to get their footing in a shaky reality and learn to embrace the possibilities ahead.

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5 Ways to Get Unstuck in the Face of Creative Burnout

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We’ve all been there. You sit down at your desk, intending to be productive, but you just … can’t. You look over your to-do list, trying to find the motivation needed to get started, but taking the first step seems as insurmountable as climbing Mount Everest. There’s no getting around it — you’ve been hit with a massive case of creative burnout.

If you work in a creative field — or actually, any field, since all work requires some level of creativity — this story of burnout probably sounds familiar. Getting unstuck when you’re in a creative drought may seem daunting, but it can be done. The following are a few ideas to help you break through your burnout:

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Do You Have a Vision of Where You Are Going?

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“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” Ralph Lauren

All successful leaders have at least one thing in common – a strong vision that they truly believe in. An outstanding leader makes that vision come alive by motivating others to share in that vision while compelling them to act.

Creating the Vision: Think First, Act Second

A great leader plans ahead, setting the tone for an energetic, balanced atmosphere. Plan ahead by creating a vision – think first, act second.

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7 Ways To Prepare For Your Next Networking Event

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Have you ever gone to a networking event, met a lot of people, and then nothing ever resulted from it? This is a common situation, but when you are seeking to advance your career, you absolutely cannot afford to not take full advantage of networking opportunities. A study by the outplacement firm Drake Beam Morin, revealed that 71% of jobs are filled through networking. Here are 7 ways you can prepare for your next event.

1. Think of topics you like to discuss– How to start a conversation is a common fear among networkers. Tackle that fear by thinking of things that you like to discuss such as movies, books, hobbies, traveling, pets, or kids. This mental preparation helps with conversation starters.

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5 Tactics to Use When You Are Really Stuck

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We all get stuck from time to time. A mental block, a change in plans or the proverbial brick wall. Dealing with such impasses is challenging and can create periods of stress and low productivity. They are nothing to be ashamed of and in fact we often find that when we overcome these sorts of issues we are rewarded with valuable skills and experience that benefit us from that point on.

In this post I’d like to share a few methods I use that can help you deal with these sorts of scenarios. Not all are applicable on every occasion, but hopefully there are at least a couple that can be applied to a particular situation.

1. Retreat, regroup and redeploy

The first option is to set the issue aside and return to it another day. Sometimes a short break to clear your mind can help. Sometimes you might need to sleep on it. The aim is to give your mind chance to discard the irrelevant information that can cloud your thought processes and to give yourself chance to organise what is relevant.

Our subconscious is also a great help if we can give it enough time to work on an issue. How often have you come up with a solution to something in the middle of the night or whilst you were having a shower.

Giving ourselves permission to come back and resolve our problems later can pay dividends.

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Five Things Every Leader Should Do

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I was recently asked what I saw as major focus areas for leaders. There are many things a leader needs to balance, but here are a few key things that they should always keep front of mind.

Create Focus: A leader should strive to paint an inspiring vision. Most people don’t want to run from something, but rather they seek to run to something. As individuals, we want to be a part of something greater than ourselves. A leader should paint this inspiring vision, and then articulate the priorities to help people know how to make progress against that vision.

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