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Can You Be Patient?

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By nature, I am not a patient person. Put me in a long line, and my skin crawls. But it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that impatience is the enemy of nearly everything I hold dear.

Impatience is the root of most anger. It causes people to make bad decisions, lose their temper, and go ballistic.

Impatience turns intelligent people into Neanderthals. It lowers your IQ to about 37.

It’s what made you fire off that email that very nearly got you fired.

It’s why you acted like an ugly jerk to your spouse, and why you screamed so loudly at your child that the poor kid tried to sink through the cracks in the floor.

Trying to get things fast is a formula for getting much less than you deserve.

This is what I keep telling myself, and I’m moving in the right direction, towards being a bit more patient. But lines still make my skin crawl, and my left hand still has to tear my right away from the SEND key when I’m tempted to solve a problem quickly via email, rather than slowly by talking it out… after I’ve calmed down.

Why is it so hard to be patient?

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Don’t Give Up!

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Life is hard.

In fact, life can be extremely challenging, if not devastating for some. It brings a lot of great moments, but the hard moments can be overwhelming and put us in a mindset of giving up, folding, and becoming completely demotivated.

Some of you may be looking for a job.

Some are in the midst of a challenging financial time.

Some of you might be going through a difficult relationship.

Some of you might have a physical challenge.

Some are just tired of the tough time you’re having, in your job, right now.

You can choose to give up, or you can think of things that may remind you why giving up is the worst thing you can do…family, friends, coworkers…etc.

Life will not always be easy, but here are a few thoughts on why not to give up. 5 reasons why not to give up…

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4 Steps to Achieving the Impossible

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Those who know me well know that I love to plan, to aspire, and to hopefully accomplish. I remember planning at age 10 for my profession, at age 20 for my parenthood, and at age 30 for my “retirement” years. I’ve always had the philosophy to “plan your age”: that is, if you’re 25 years old, plan for the next 25 years visualizing yourself at age 50. With that sort of behavior, is it any wonder I ended up in operations as a profession?

Having had this disorder for over four decades now, I’ve learned a few key lessons.

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Recipe for A Dream

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Recipe for A Dream

“Look, here comes that dreamer!” That’s how the world always dismisses someone who tells them something is possible, when they don’t believe it, for even one minute.

Dreamers are people who say outrageous things, like: Hey, you can find work, even if you’ve been unemployed a long time, or think you are too old.

Or: you can be choosy about what kind of work you find.

Or—most outrageous of all—you can find your ideal job, or mission in life.

Well, over the past forty years I have watched these dreamers, and seen many of their dreams come true. I’ve studied why, and found a kind of recipe. Here are its basic ingredients. (There are seven.)

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6 Reasons Not To Give Up On Your Dreams

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There comes a time in the life of most entrepreneurs when the challenges seem overwhelming. You’ve suffered one setback after another and you seriously think about throwing in the towel.

You question yourself. Maybe you don’t have what it takes after all? Maybe your breakthrough idea just isn’t realistic? Maybe you should quit now rather than continue to make a fool of yourself? Self-doubt leeches into your heart and soul. Despair begins to take over.

It happens all the time. But I’m here to tell you why you should never ever give up on your dreams.

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What it Really Takes to Succeed

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The modern marketplace demands that people possess a wide range of skills. But what core qualities are truly essential to career advancement, regardless of industry or job?

The answer could fill a book and it has, thousands of times, if not more. Myriad experts claim that career advancement is a function of everything from extreme self-confidence to extreme humility (or both at once). Still others make the case that big-time professional success derives from more sinister behaviors, such as callous ambition or unfettered narcissism. And then there is the whole “positive thinking” bandwagon, which claims that getting ahead is primarily a function of believing you can. In sum, there’s so much contradictory advice out there about the core components of success that it’s enough to reduce you to a weary sigh of: “Whatever.”

Which is just fine. Because we’d suggest that you can’t really manipulate yourself into success with personality tweaks or even major overhauls. In fact, we’d say just the opposite. The most powerful thing you can do is, well, be real. As in not phony. As in grappling, sweating, laughing, and caring. As in authentic.

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The Four Qs of Career Success

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The National Center for Education Statistics estimates there are 1,791,000 bachelor degree graduates in the class of 2013, many of whom will be entering the job market for the first time. At PwC, we will hire more than 7,000 new associates and interns this year. And this month we will promote 5,400 of our people to the next level. As these professionals launch or accelerate their careers, I’m frequently asked what it takes to be successful.

Once upon a time, I may have said it simply comes down to hard work (sprinkled with a bit of luck and sponsorship). It’s what my parents drilled into me from an early age. While I’ve certainly worked hard over the course of my 28-year career, hard work, it turns out, was just a small part of the equation. I attribute success to the development of these four attributes.

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How Anyone Can Create Their Own Luck

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Ask incredibly successful entrepreneurs – ask people who are incredibly successful in any pursuit – and every one of them will say luck played an important role in their success. Talent, expertise, determination, perseverance, all those qualities and many more are certainly important. But so is luck: meeting the right person, being at the right place, making a snap decision that turns out so much better than you ever expected…

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. –Thomas Jefferson”

It’s easy to assume successful people are just luckier than the rest of us. Take Bill Gates: Lucky enough to go to one of the few schools with a Teletype connection so he could learn to program. Take Paul Allen: Lucky enough to stumble across an article which led to the idea to convert Basic into a product that could be used on an Altair computer… and lucky enough to be friends with Bill Gates… who was lucky enough to then be at Harvard and with access to a PDP-10 computer to use to develop and test the new operating system.

But were Bill and Paul simply lucky? Of course not.

Luck isn’t just a random gift from the universe. (Winning the lottery is, but that’s a different kind of luck.) Luck actually has less to do with what happens to you and more to do with how you think and act.

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The One Belief That Is Holding Back Your Career

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Your job is not your job.

Your job is not what you dobut the goal you pursue.

Yet most professionals I know limit their careers believing that their job is what they do. When I ask them, “What’s your job?” They give me answers such as, “I run sales,” “I look after operations,” “I manage HR,” “I develop new products.”

So did I. I was a teacher. My job was to teach. Or so I thought.

What’s Your Goal?

Human action is behavior with a purpose. A person acts because she wants to bring about a future she desires, a future she believes will not come to pass without her effort.

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3 Ways to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

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Much of 2013 has already passed. Are you happy with what you have accomplished over the last several months? What goals still have to be completed? Can you identify a new goal you have now because your business shifted since the beginning of the year? Taking time to reflect is important to move your business forward.

So, how do you set goals you will actually meet? Here are three powerful steps:

1. Identify what works for you.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. In school we are expected to get high grades in everything we do. But the fact is everyone excels at some things and is less effective at others. 

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