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Beyond The Paycheck: What We Wish For

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Plenty of studies show that pay increases only serve as a short-term performance motivator.

Certainly salary is important; every company should strive to compensate its employees fairly – even, if possible, more than “fairly.” Equitable pay is a given.

But it’s also often true that receiving a raise is a lot like buying a new car. Pretty soon we ratchet our expectations upwards and even a new Ferrari is “just” a car (unless it’s a Tesla, which is never “just a car”).

So where long-term performance is concerned, what matters more than pay? What do people wish for from their work? What helps employees feel truly valued and appreciated – and motivates them to do their absolute best?

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Your Expectations: Their Power and Their Promise

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Numerous studies have been conducted exploring and testing the power and promise of expectations. And it’s been proven that many people make their decisions and understand themselves in the light of what others expect of them. When we know someone expects something from us—our attitude, how we act, what we want and don’t want—we will try to meet those expectations. It’s thought that we do so to try to gain respect, position, likeability, and belonging.

Succinctly describing the power of expectations: what is expected happens.

Studies have established the fact that people tend to live up to what’s expected of them whether negative or positive and do so mostly unconsciously.

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