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How to Own Your Talent, Ambition, and Success

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You need to own your – fill in the blanks: success, authority, confidence, power, compassion, status, role, product, influence, etcetera. Yet every time you hear someone use the idea of owning something – your talent, skill, ambition, commitment – they always say it as though what you need to “own” is self-evident but with little or no indication as to how.

I am willing to bet that most people who tell you to “own it,” if you ask them “How?” they would fill the air with nothing that can actually tell you what to do as they navigate their way past that treacherous “How?” as fast as they can.

“You need to own your…” carries with it a serious burden because it sounds really good if not essential to do, but when you try and can’t because you have no process for accomplishing such ownership you end up feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

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Traits of a Motivated Leader

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If there is one trait that virtually all effective leaders have, it is motivation – a variety of self-management whereby we mobilize our positive emotions to drive us toward our goals. Motivated leaders are driven to achieve beyond expectations – their own and everyone else’s. The key word here is achieve.

Plenty of people are motivated by external factors, such as a big salary or the status that comes from having an impressive title or being part of a prestigious company. By contrast, those with leadership potential are motivated by a deeply embedded desire to achieve for the sake of achievement.

If you are looking for leaders, how can you identify people who are motivated by the drive to achieve rather than by external rewards?

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4 Steps to Achieving the Impossible

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Those who know me well know that I love to plan, to aspire, and to hopefully accomplish. I remember planning at age 10 for my profession, at age 20 for my parenthood, and at age 30 for my “retirement” years. I’ve always had the philosophy to “plan your age”: that is, if you’re 25 years old, plan for the next 25 years visualizing yourself at age 50. With that sort of behavior, is it any wonder I ended up in operations as a profession?

Having had this disorder for over four decades now, I’ve learned a few key lessons.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

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Many of the smartest people I have known have listened more than they spoke. And many of the strongest people I have known, freely enlist the help of many around them rather than going their difficulties on their own.

Any organization that requests status from team members will regularly notice how reluctant many are to voice their need for help. Ingrained in the American culture and others is a sense of self-reliance dating back as far as the Puritanism that permeated colonial times. There’s a sense that “I am stronger if I don’t need help and weak if I do.”

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The ‘Happiness’ Startup: Rules to Live By

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Happiness is elusive without balance. I learned that the hard way. As an entrepreneur, I’ve been fortunate to see financial success but that has little connection to genuine happiness. A famous writer once said, “Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” In other words, let passion dictate the 86,400 seconds you share with the world each day.

It’s a euphoric state of mind. What’s a euphoric state of mind? You can’t control the outcome, only the process.

Sometimes we wonder through our successes and triumphs – for whom are we doing this for? And, I have one answer: You’re doing it for you.

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