Direct Hire

We Look for the Perfect Match

Our goal is nothing less than a perfect fit. Trust, respect, and dependability are the cornerstones of our relationships with both clients and candidates. We listen carefully to appreciate and define objectives on both sides. With clients, we customize the experience, tailoring everything—transmittal of resumes, scheduling of appointments, testing, reference checks, and offer delivery—to suit your practices and procedures.

Depth, Breadth, and Experience

With years of proven administrative placement experience, our dedicated and loyal recruiters are staffing experts known for their abilities to pair top-tier talent with opportunities that will add value to our client companies. With a team of recruiters dedicated solely to permanent placement, over 150 clients, and a track record of success in most major industries, we’re well positioned to meet if not exceed expectations.

Track Record of Success


The Direct Hire team draws from a long and rich history of success. We invest in understanding our clients’ needs, searching for the ideal candidate and performing prescreening through interviews, testing, and a selection process designed to identify any exceptional qualities or disqualifiers. Our client relationships are built upon commitment, results, and trust. Our commitment produces results. Our results build trust.

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