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Simple ways to stretch out your summer vacation, according to cognitive psychology

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Recently, my boyfriend and I completed a one-week road trip from the California Redwoods to Portland, Oregon. When I returned to work and everyone asked how my trip was, rather than responding with the typical “Too fast,” I responded that it was great.
Lazy, hazy days these were not. We did so much, saw so much, and oh my goodness, ate so much: homemade posole under the stars with friends in Sonoma, fresh-caught Dungeness crabs on the Oregon coast, Roman-style pizza in Portland, and an unhealthy amount of beef jerky on the road. We hiked, swam, paddled, and laughed between mountains, lakes, and beaches.
It felt satisfying, eye-opening, and varied. And it felt long.

According to Marc Wittmann, a psychologist and the author of Felt Time: The Psychology of How We Perceive Time, I was experiencing what he calls “the classic holiday effect.”

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Most Americans Work While on Vacation, Report Finds

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Remember when summer was for relaxing? With laptops, smartphones and tablets, we are more connected than ever before. Even when we’re trying to unplug.

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. employees check email regularly, take a work-related phone call or otherwise check in with the office while they are on vacation, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 American workers by Pertino, a cloud-based networking business in Los Gatos, Calif.

It’s not all bad news. For many, being able to check in makes it easier to check out for a while, the survey finds. Almost half (47 percent) of survey respondents say they experience less stress on vacation if they can stay in touch with the office while they are away. Men are slightly more likely to check in with the office than women, according to the survey.

If you plan to check in with the office while you’re away, here are a few tips from Pertino on how to make sure you don’t let your inbox overwhelm your play time.

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