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Q2 2017 Thought Leadership – What Makes a Good Marketer and Why You Need One

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An Exclusive Interview with Hedge Fund Executives

Written by: Alexis DuFresne, Managing Director, Marketing & Investor Relations Search
Solomon Page, Financial Services Division

My professional career has been dedicated to the success of marketing and investor relations functions within asset management. I spent a great deal of time and passion educating managers on the roles of marketing and investor relations, as well as creating a case for successful hires. During the course of my conversations with prospective clients, the most frequent question I receive is, “Why should I invest in marketing hires?”

To get to the root of this question, I asked three industry leaders to provide commentary from their prospective: a hedge fund manager, an allocator, and an asset management COO/marketer.

  • Michael Vranos, CEO and Founder of Ellington Management Group, a $6.5bln AUM hedge fund, spoke to me about how he thinks about his marketing team and their responsibilities. Having been in the game for over 20 years, and a widely regarded industry legend, he has seen the evolution and importance of marketing.
  • Chris Cutler, Senior Hedge Fund Due Diligence Analyst and Founder of Manager Analysis Services, spends a significant amount of his time speaking with marketers who solicit his allocation. His feedback on what resonates with him when he meets marketers is truly valuable.
  • Alex de Calice, Founding Partner, COO, and Head of Marketing at Nara Capital, added his view on the challenges marketers face on the front lines. He is a top marketing professional and management executive who has built and managed marketing teams.

The major takeaways were clear; marketing is an essential part of an asset management organization, and the role is constantly evolving. All commentators agreed that it has become increasingly harder to attract assets, and therefore the bar for marketers has been raised.

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SHIFT: The Future of Human Capital

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With all the technological advancements and shifts in work environments over recent years, it becomes hard not to wonder what the future of work will look like. Will you sit in an office surrounded by colleagues, and if you do what will inter-office communication look like and how will it be monitored?

The Human Resources division of Solomon Page sought to provide insight to some of these questions in a recent speaker series we hosted on March 23rd. The event, SHIFT: The Future of Human Capital, dove into the effect of People Analytics, Data, and Technology on the future of work itself.

For this intimate gathering, we assembled a panel of experts to reveal what these advancements mean for organizations and human resources professionals today and advise on best practices for how to prepare for the not-so-distant future. Moderated by Vivian Garcia-Tunon, Founder of VGT Consulting Group, the panel included Stela Lupushor, Founder of Reframe.Work, and Dave Winsborough, Vice President of Innovation at HoganX.

Companies are currently leaning on analytics and reporting to provide insight on their team members and employee interactions in ways that to many may seem too “futuristic” to be plausible. Through advanced algorithms and reporting mechanisms, organizations can interpret employee behavioral patterns to predict signals of distress before conflicts arise. Therein allowing leadership time to devise a plan of attack to either address or resolve conflicts before any potential damage ensues.

While it may not be realistic to think that within the next couple of years all organizations will operate with high-functioning data and analytics capabilities (such as, tracking employee behavioral reaction through sensors), Lupushor and Winsborough divulged practical implementations that those of us working on less “futuristic” levels can incorporate into our daily lives.

Their advice: “keep it simple.” By taking a step back and evaluating the tools you are currently working with, you may be surprised to learn just how innovative their algorithms and reporting capabilities are. Take LinkedIn for example, a resource we all have access to. Through their advanced search options, you can construct an extremely targeted search to uncover individuals you may never have found otherwise, and then follow the progression of their career to pinpoint the best time to approach them for a career move.

With a rise of many consulting firms offering the secret of how to catch employees before they decide to leave your company, the notion to outsource similar employee tracking can be tempting. However, history shows that trends come and go, and our experts suggest the same. Rather than being swayed by something that appears “bright and shiny,” you can often uncover the answers yourself, if you ask the right questions.

So, while the future may not be quite as far away as we all think, it does not need to have ultramodern bells and whistles on it to be effective. With the information gained and advice imparted from Shift, no matter your degree of access to high-tech equipment each of us can incorporate the ideas behind the use of people analytics, data, and technology to inform us of trends in our workspace that we may not have recognized otherwise.

For more information on how you can best equip yourself and your team for this not-so-distant future, get in touch with our Human Resources division at

Thought Leadership: Q1 2017 Marketing & Investor Relations Search Update

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In the link below, please find our 2017 Q1 Thought Leadership piece, a reflection on the 2016 marketing landscape.

The intention of this paper is to summarize patterns witnessed throughout 2016 and forecast marketing and hiring trends for 2017.

Briefly, here is an excerpt…

  • Asset management experienced a rocky 2016, particularly for marketing hires. Due to record outflows of capital, uncertain markets over Brexit and the presidential election, and a lack of performance, it’s not unexpected that sales hires slowed dramatically.
  • As we see performance picking up again, and clarity around the political landscape, the firms who have strong marketers and well-packaged messaging will surely gain traction and exceed their peers, just as we’ve seen in prior cycles.
  • Private equity marketers are increasingly more expensive and they move a lot less, making the hiring market extremely competitive.
  • Hedge funds are constantly innovating and will always be hiring, whether it’s product growth or replacement. These firms tend to evolve quickly, as opposed to year over year.

Whether you or your company are seeking a recruitment partner to address your hiring needs, or you are looking for information on potential opportunities, we look forward to answering your questions.

Written by Alexis DuFresne

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